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What happens to student loans when a university closes

Public universities probably won’t be closing any time soon. But higher education leaders in Louisiana are nonetheless facing budget cuts severe enough that temporary closures might be on the horizon. Last week, the Louisiana State University system announced that their schools may be closed by April 30. LSU-Shreveport chancellor, Larry Clark, …

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Top 7 Predatory Practices of For-Profit Schools

For Profit Colleges

There has been a lot of scrutiny, over the past year especially, of for-profit higher education institutions. These schools have been found to use a variety of tactics to boost their enrollment and increase loan amounts and rates, with the ultimate intention of increasing their profits. The end result for …

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Did I just marry your student loans too?


She’s beautiful.   College educated.  Has a good job. …and she owes $35,000 on her student loans. Now the question remains: did you just marry into her debt?  Unfortunately the answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. So consider these things: when you’re ready to buy …

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A Third Way Past Student Loans

An apprenticeship program shows how students can begin their careers with hard skills instead.

Student loan debt can haunt a person for years. That’s why so many students are looking for an alternative route, and this one might just be perfect for you! In Raleigh N.C., lawmakers were debating methods to fix the loan crisis in America that’s led to $1 trillion of debt. …

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GOP hinders Senator Warren’s student loan plan


Senate Republicans recently blocked efforts by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to secure an amendment designed to lower student loan rates in the budget. Senators voted an unfavorable 46-53 to Warren’s amendment to the Republican budget resolution. The amendment would have allowed former students with student loan debt to refinance their …

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Hollywood Star Still Paying of His Student Loans


With the U.S. owing the government close to $1 trillion in student-related debt, the reality of student loans are a real issue for many.  What makes this problem even worse is that some of the individuals who owe this money are parents who are trying to save for their children’s …

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Student Loans: The New Economic Time Bomb


Tick. Tick. Tick. That’s the sound of the new economic time bomb in America.  According to new findings, an incredible 11.3 percent of student loans are now 90 days or more past due.  To clarify, that adds up to over $100 billion. And it’s a problem that’s only getting worse. …

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